The AB Group wants to develop at least at the pace of the IT distribution market

The AB Group expects that it will develop at least at the pace of the growth rate of the IT distribution market, for which forecasts indicate a 4% growth in Poland, said Grzegorz Ochędzan, Vice-President and CFO. The Group assumes further optimization of inventories, considers acquisitions and refinancing of maturing bonds.

“The IT distribution market fell by 2% in the first quarter, and we grew by 6%. Taking into account Context’s forecasts, the IT distribution market in Poland this year will be another growing one with an estimated 4% dynamics (only the Nordic countries with an estimated 5% dynamics are expected to perform better). Forecasts for Poland do not take into account the tender for schools, which will be an additional impulse for revenues. We have grown above the market so far. Our business model, product and geographical diversification allow us to achieve results above the market. Therefore, we expect that we will develop at least at the pace of the market. With our competences, it is very likely. In addition, the cluster of countries in which we operate (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia – the last two not included separately in Context’s forecasts) is the 4th European market, and its share in the size of the European market is growing” – said Ochędzan during the videoconference.

The prospects for IT distribution in Poland were assessed by the CFO of the AB Group as positive, and the sources of market demand this year were: digital transformation, programs supporting IT spending (a project for purchasing notebooks for students and teachers, a loan program for cloud transformation, a program for developing access to Internet access) or favorable legislative changes in public administration services.


He noted that work related to inventory optimization is visible in operating cash flows, which in terms of 12 months LTM amounted to almost PLN 193 million.


The AB Group is one of the largest entities conducting distribution activities in the IT industry in the region of Central Europe covering Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. AB S.A. is a company listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2006. In the financial year 2021/2022 (July 2021 – June 2022) it had PLN 14.03 billion in consolidated revenue.


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