The AB Group wants to be active in tenders for laptops

The AB Group is an active player in tenders for school laptops, participates in many consortia and expects margins on this account, which are achieved on the classic distribution of volume equipment, the management board of the AB Group informed.

“VAD, telco, handling tenders that are coming in the near future – these are the sales drivers for the near future. The long-term trend of digital transformation is still running. We also have a long-term growth impulse all the time. The coming quarters should be quite good,” said President Andrzej Przybyło during the videoconference.

“Depending on how much added value there is to the equipment we sell, apart from the logistics function and financing, the margin is calculated accordingly. In the case of high-volume goods, such as notebooks, we usually realize margins equal to those of the distributor. This is also the case with the current tender for laptops. This does not go beyond the plus or minus parameters in relation to what we have been implementing so far. We are a classic broadline distributor of volume equipment here,” added Grzegorz Ochędzan, CFO of the company.

Przybyło pointed out that the issue of the scale of AB’s participation in this tender “is still being decided”.

“I can assure you that we are an active player, we participate in many consortia” – said the president.

Przybyło emphasized that the group systematically implements new investments in IT, the development of e-commerce (online sales platforms).

“Warehouse automation is being refined all the time, which results in cost efficiency. We are thinking about new, new solutions in the warehouse. Our operational cost advantage is visible de facto in every quarter,” said the CEO.

Ochędzan added that the group operates in many segments, including areas currently growing.

“As a result, we become more independent of what is happening in a given area. We need to maintain more resources and higher working capital, but that’s the distributor’s place. We must invest in these competencies and the availability of products so that our customers receive a response to a specific need. We are building a system of competitive advantages, thanks to which we are able to generate higher results than what is shown by the market,” summed up the CFO of the company.

The AB Group is one of the largest entities conducting distribution activities in the IT industry in the region of Central Europe covering Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. AB S.A. is a company listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2006. In the financial year 2022/2023 (July 2022 – June 2023) it had PLN 15.22 billion in consolidated revenue.


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