The 42 Warsaw programming academy, operated by the Play foundation, has opened a campus

The 42 network has opened its first campus in Poland of the free 42 Warsaw programming academy, announced the director of 42 Warsaw, Oktawia Gorzeńska. The operator of the campus is the Freedom of Choice foundation established by the Play group.

“42 Warsaw offers an innovative educational program that focuses on building an ecosystem of cooperation and learning in the peer-to-peer model. We are aware of the challenges facing the IT industry, which is why we place emphasis on inclusiveness and openness. We want everyone, regardless of origin, gender or experience, to have equal opportunities to develop in the world of technology. Our campus offers flexible educational paths, tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of participants, as well as internships and mentoring. The goal of 42 Warsaw is to create conditions in which participants, through the implementation of specific projects, not only acquire programming skills, but also develop the so-called ‘future-proof’ competences,” Gorzeńska said during the opening ceremony.

42 Warsaw is the 49th campus in the world opened as part of the global 42 network, which is a world leader in free IT education. This initiative is present in 24 countries, where it has educated over 18,000 people. specialists – without textbooks and teachers, but using peer-to-peer education and gamification.

The initial investment value is PLN 7 million. The Freedom of Choice Foundation, founded by the Play group, which is also the operator of 42 Warsaw, assumes that 150 people will start studying on campus each year.

“Education is about giving choices. In addition to building knowledge, it is also an opportunity to develop skills and potential in line with your own beliefs and ambitions. 42 Warsaw fits perfectly into this idea, offering a chance to develop at the highest educational standards. This is an initiative that increases equal opportunities, regardless of origin, social or scientific status. Our founder, Play, actively shapes the digital reality, providing access to the latest technologies to its customers, so that they can fulfill their digital needs in everyday life without restrictions, but also create breakthrough solutions and initiatives. Therefore, it was a natural step to expand the idea of freedom of choice in the field of education through partnership with the global network 42 and introduce it to Poland,” added Małgorzata Zakrzewska, president of the Freedom of Choice Foundation.

42 is a French tuition-free programming academy founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Xavier Niel. 42 Warsaw is the first campus in Poland. The 42 Warsaw initiative is managed by the Wolność Wyboru foundation established by the Play group.


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