Tetra Pak builds new recyling line in Ostrołęka

Tetra Pak wants to create climate-sustainable food packaging. They are to be recycled and production to be CO2-neutral.

Tetra Pak, the world’s largest producer of food packaging, intends to launch a new packaging that will use renewable and recycled materials. Its production is to be neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

Tetra Pak announced that it plans to increase the share of plastics derived from another renewable material – sugar cane.

The company added that it is investing in the development of recycling infrastructure in Poland. It recently joined forces with Stora Enso, a major cardboard supplier, to build a new recycling line at the Stora Enso plant in Ostrołęka.

For the first time, Tetra Pak introduced packaging entirely made of renewable plant-based raw materials in 2014. The company adds that by 2025 it also wants to use recycled plastic for 10 percent of production.


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