Finnish Teleste opens in Warsaw, targeting public transport

Teleste Corporation announced the opening of the company’s new repair centre in Warsaw. Since January 2018, the centre has been providing repair and spare part services to support its customers in the European public transport market. The expansion of the service activities underpins the growing importance of dedicated, value added services in the dynamic transport market that takes care of hundreds of billions of passenger-kilometres travelled annually.

With public transport as one of our key focus areas, we wish to provide our customers with comprehensive life-time services that can truly create added value for them through speed and reliability, delivery accuracy and excellent quality. We are determined to be the best partner for public transport operators and rolling stock manufacturers in building modern transport systems that can meet today’s expectations for more efficient, highly available and greener travelling”, stated Pekka Vänni, Director of Teleste’s service business for the railway segment.

The new Warsaw repair facility expands Teleste’s public transport services arm within the company’s Video Security and Information business unit. It brings the services closer to its European public transport customers, to whom it can now offer increased responsiveness through faster deliveries and shorter shipments. The investment also aims at raising Teleste’s presence in Poland, where the company is already working with versatile customer projects in its key business areas.

In addition, new synergy is created through bringing the repair service operations closer to the more than 100 R&D professionals in Poland who are currently working on the company’s product and solution development activities. Elaborating on and establishing their next generation of passenger services and travel experiences, Teleste’s customers will be able to benefit from the seamless cooperation and improved quality of service fostered by the closer-knit team.

Part of the Teleste Care service portfolio

Teleste’s repair services are part of the Teleste Care for Rail service portfolio, targeted to meet the special service needs of the public transport and rail industries. Including customer training, extensions & upgrades – as well as maintenance, remote, repair, spare part, specialist and SW services – the portfolio secures service availability for the entire life cycle of Teleste customers’ on-board and station solutions.


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