Gaming co Techland lines up IPO advice

Techland is adjusting its structure to the stock exchange debut and cooperates with a team of advisers on a potential IPO. The premiere of “Dying Light 2”, one of the most anticipated games in the world, is scheduled for December.

Techland has advisers – a consortium of banks – in the IPO process and has been adjusting structures to stock exchange requirements for a long time, ISBtech sources indicate. Earlier this year, Techland became a joint stock company. However, the agency reports that the company did not respond to these reports.

Techland is one of the leading Polish game producers. The company, despite the gaming boom on the WSE, remains outside the trading floor. The subject of the debut comes back quite regularly, but so far there is no clear message from the company “yes, we want to debut”.

“At the moment we are fully focused on the product, we are not considering options such as the stock market. We professionalize the company, we need it, the company has almost 400 people. This is the direction that we would like to go public with one day” said the president and owner of Techland, Paweł Marchewka.


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