Tauron will leave the company Tauron Ciepło in the group

Tauron Polska Energia has decided to keep its subsidiary Tauron Ciepło in the group, the group said.
“The decision to keep 100% of Tauron Ciepło shares in the group’s structures was made by the management board of Tauron Polska Energia. Analyzes carried out in recent months have shown that in the face of the tightening decarbonisation policy of the European Union, the most advantageous model for the further development of a heating company will be the conversion of its generation sources from coal to gas, and in the future also hydrogen, ”reads the release.

In addition, the change in the method of supplying heat to the heating plant is to improve the availability of hot water, year-round heating and, in the long term, district cooling.

“Modern heating will play a key role in the decarbonisation of the Polish energy sector. The transformation of the sector based on gas as a transition fuel will allow for the evolution of the heating sector towards low emission and, over time, zero emission. Currently, however, it is necessary for the European Union to take regulatory decisions allowing for quick investments in highly efficient gas units with a hydrogen perspective, ”said Tauron’s vice president for strategy and development, Patryk Demski.

In total, by 2026 the Tauron Ciepło heating network will be expanded by nearly 122 MWt.


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