Tauron improves Janina Mine coal, as production grows by 500,000 tons

Tauron Wydobycie has completed the construction of the 800-meter level in ZG Janina. The company reports that in 2021 it systematically launched new mining walls in each of the mines and increased sales by liquidating almost all coal reserves. The Barbecue summary of the year in the mines is underway.

The company reports that the next coal seams were made available thanks to the investment finalized a few weeks ago, i.e. the so-called construction of the 800-meter level at ZG Janina. “This investment effectively increased the degree of automation of the mine’s production and contributed to the improvement of its efficiency and reduction of the operating costs of ZG Janina. We have launched a people congress, one of the largest shaft cages in Poland, thanks to which the time required for the crew to reach workplaces will be shortened by 20 times” – emphasizes Jacek Pytel.

A modern shaft cage can simultaneously transport up to 24 tons of materials.

Tauron reports that this year it has successively launched new mining walls and there are currently seven of them, hence this year’s coal production in the company’s mining plants will be higher by over 500,000 tons compared to 2020.


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