Tauron has launched Phase I of its largest PV farm with a target capacity of 100 MW

Tauron Polska Energia has completed the first stage of construction of a photovoltaic farm in Mysłowice-Diećkowice with a capacity of 37 MW, which was built on a reclaimed combustion waste landfill, and its target capacity will reach 100 MW, the company announced. Thanks to this, Tauron’s total renewable energy capacity exceeded 600 MW.

“The power plant in Mysłowice is the largest photovoltaic farm in the Tauron Group. We have completed the first stage of this investment, located on the site of a former combustion waste landfill. Importantly, when building the farm, we used the skills and competences of the group’s employees; its main contractor was Tauron Serwis. Next year, we will complete the construction of another Proszówek photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 55 MW and three wind farms in Mierzyn, Gamów and Warblewo with a total capacity of 120 MW. Currently, we have several dozen more wind and photovoltaic farm projects in the analysis phase, which are at various stages of investment preparation,” said Paweł Szczeszek, president of the company, quoted in the release.

The investment in Mysłowice is being implemented in two stages. In the first stage, which has ended, over 82.5 thousand were installed. photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 450 Wp each, giving a total of 37 MW. A farm of this size will produce 39,000 a year. MWh of green energy, and the installed panels cover an area of 16 hectares.

“A big challenge was to connect the farm, i.e. an underground cable line with a voltage of 110 kV and a length of over 5 km connecting the farm with the 110 kV power station located in Jaworzno. During its implementation, it was necessary to perform controlled drilling, among others. under the railway embankment, Promienna Street in Jaworzno and the Przemsza River,” added Wojciech Przepało, vice-president of Tauron Inwestycje.

The investment is co-financed from European Funds under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program with a preferential loan in the amount of PLN 82.5 million with the possibility of waiving up to 20% of eligible costs, i.e. approximately PLN 24 million.

Work related to the preparation of the second stage of the investment has already begun. The activities currently undertaken include: obtaining development conditions, obtaining connection conditions, carrying out geological soil tests to determine how the farm elements will be founded, as well as preparing a construction design and obtaining a building permit, as stated in the material.

The assumption of the construction project is to make maximum use of the available land. The green power plant will ultimately achieve a capacity of almost 100 MWp. This photovoltaic farm will produce over 105,000 per year. MWh of electricity.

Tauron currently operates three photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of 55 MW (in Jaworzno, Choszczno and Mysłowice), and the Proszówek farm with a capacity of 55 MW and the second stage of the farm in Mysłowice with a capacity of approximately 60 MW are under construction.

There are also four wind farms under construction with a total capacity of 140 MW. Three of them will be launched next year – Mierzyn with a capacity of 58 MW, Gamów with a capacity of 33 MW and Warblewo with a capacity of 30 MW. The first electricity from the Nowa Brzeźnica farm (20 MW) will flow in 2025.

According to the assumptions of the strategy, in 2030 the group will have 1.4 GW of renewable energy capacity.

Tauron Polska Energia is a holding company in a capital group that deals with coal mining, generation, distribution and sale of electricity and heat. The Tauron Group covers 18% of the country’s area and is the largest energy distributor in Poland and one of the largest economic entities in the country. The company had PLN 36.31 billion in revenues in 2022.


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