Tauron has launched a microgrid in Bytom, it wants to introduce this sollution to its offer

Tauron Polska Energia has launched a microgrid in Bytom, i.e. a small power grid that allows it to guarantee, even in extreme situations, electricity supplies to consumers connected to it, the company said. Tauron wants to introduce microgrids as a "tailor-made" solution to the sales offer.

“The microgrid, launched on the site of the former Szombierki mine, consists of two photovoltaic installations; five wind microturbines; gas aggregate; energy storage; and an innovative transformer station. In addition, the installation will be equipped with security systems, a monitoring system, lighting, and a weather station, ”the release reads.

“As the largest distribution company in the country, we are looking for solutions that ensure a stable supply of electricity to all customers, regardless of where they live. In a situation of rapid development of dispersed energy sources, microgrids have great potential, especially in hard-to-reach places at the ends of the power grid. The microgrid is a technologically advanced response to the increasingly noticeable trend to integrate distributed sources into larger structures. The ability to work on an island will ensure access to energy even in the event of a blackout or power supply interruptions caused by violent weather phenomena, ”said Artur Warzocha, vice president of Tauron, quoted in the release.

Tauron Polska Energia is a holding company in the capital group that deals with coal mining, production, distribution and sale of electricity and heat. The Tauron Group covers 18% of the country's territory and is the largest energy distributor in Poland and one of the largest economic entities in the country. The group includes, among others Tauron Wydobycie, Tauron Wytwarzanie, Tauron Ekoenergia, Tauron Ciepło, Tauron Dystrybucja, Tauron Sprzedaż and Tauron Customer Service.

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