T-Mobile Poland prepares comprehensive smart city project in Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny is to become the first smart city in Poland, based on a contract signed by the CEO of T-Mobile Poland Andreas Maierhofer and the mayor of the city, Andrzej Pisula. According to Maierhofer, in 2019, T-Mobile will offer twelve smart city services, for which it will conduct nearly 700 installations.

Kazimierz Dolny is an attractive travel destination, with 4,000 inhabitants but 1 million visitors a year.

T-Mobile Poland will begin the investment this year and test and commercially launch smart city services from the beginning of 2019. The agreement covers the following projects: smart street lighting, parking, bus stops and benches – over 500 installations; city monitoring with more than 40 cameras; city bikes and electric vehicles (more than 60 bikes and vehicles; three electric charging stations; public Wi-Fi via 40 hotspots; air quality monitoring via two stations.

In addition, the project assumes integration with the municipal smart city application, which will facilitate access to tourist attractions, as well as the preparation of an administrative panel for local authorities, integrating statistical information from the operation of individual features. T-Mobile will also carry out a number of Big Data analyses that can help make decisions in the area of investment or promotional activities of the city.


Source: www.telecompaper.com

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