T.B.FRUIT will invest eur 5 mln in mandarin processing

T.B.Fruit, one of the largest processors of fruits and berries in Ukraine, intends to invest EUR3-5 million in the launch of a mandarin processing plant with a capacity of 50,000-60,000 tonnes in Georgia by December 2018.

“Mandarins will be processed in Georgia and imported to Ukraine. In late autumn this year we’ll start production. This will be the processing of 50,000-60,000 tonnes of mandarins,” group founder Taras Barschovsky told Interfax-Ukraine.

According to him, mandarin juice produced in Georgia will be bottled in Ukraine under the trademark Galicia.
The founder of the group pointed out that 35-40% of T.B.Fruit’s business is concentrated in Ukraine.

T.B.Fruit Group was established in July 2011, uniting all assets of Taras Barschovsky: Yablunevy Dar, T.B.Fruit Dwikozy fruit processing plant in Poland, Tank Trans Ukraine and Tank Trans Polska, which transport bulk cargo by road, and a fruit-growing complex, which includes apple-trees, cherry-trees, and strawberry and raspberry fields on 700 hectares.

T.B.Fruit Group owns eight juice concentrate plants in Ukraine, Moldova and Poland.
T.B.Fruit produces freshly squeezed juice under the Galicia trademark in Ukraine.

Source: open4business.com.ua

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