Synektik assumes the sale of 2-3 da Vinci surgical robots per quarter

Synektik assumes that the sale of 2-3 da Vinci surgical robots per quarter is realistic, believes the company’s president, Cezary Kozanecki. In the first quarter of the financial year (October-December 2022), the company sold 8 such systems.

“The accumulation that took place in the last quarter, when we sold 8 systems, is probably impossible to repeat, but we believe that in the long term, the sale of 2-3 systems per quarter is quite sustainable” – said Kozanecki during the press conference.

“For the next three quarters, we plan to sell 8 systems” – he added.

He emphasized that the company is currently undergoing two proceedings in Poland and two in the Czech Republic. According to him, the market in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia has great development potential. He added that in the last two countries, the company has identified 11 projects that may result in potential orders.

Previously, the company forecast the sale of 5-6 systems per year.

The president of Synektika pointed out that the sale of subsequent robots generates an increase in recurring income.

“The installation of the robot opens the door to the sale of instruments and service. We will face a situation where the sales of robots will be constant and revenues will increase,” he said.

The company’s recurring revenues increased in the first quarter of the 2022/23 financial year by 217% to PLN 21.4 million, and in the period of 12 months by 314% to PLN 75.4 million, according to the presentation.

Total consolidated revenues reached PLN 143.81 million in the first quarter of this year. 2022/2023 compared to PLN 35.42 million a year earlier.

The Synektik Group provides IT solutions, modern technology and a full range of services and support for medical facilities in the field of radiology, oncology, cardiology and neurology. Synektik was established in 2001, since 2011 the company’s shares have been listed on NewConnect, and in 2014 they debuted on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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