Sygnity counts on new products in the energy sector, sees potential in acquasitions in Polish IT

Sygnity is counting on new projects in the energy sector, is working on a solution in the area of ​​mandatory banking reporting and sees potential in potential acquisitions on the Polish IT market, said vice-president Mariusz Jurak.

“As far as what is ahead of us, we intend to further develop systems for entities from the capital market and support budgetary units with solutions enabling the implementation of their statutory tasks. Industry solutions for the power industry are also a very strong part of our business. In this area, we also count on new, interesting projects. We are also working intensively on a new solution in the area of ​​mandatory banking reporting, automating the reporting process using dedicated engines, in accordance with the applicable national and EU regulations in this regard,” said Jurak, quoted in a message sent to ISBnews.

He added that the company will also develop proprietary solutions for the logistics and transport industry, ensuring efficiency and real savings in the customers' business.

As a company specializing in large implementations and servicing strategic entities, e.g. from the public sector, the most important thing for Sygnity is to ensure the stability of processes that support customer service, said Jurak.

“The technologies we provide are part of the critical architecture, and thus, even during the ongoing economic turmoil, it cannot be abandoned or the level of expenditure on its maintenance and development cannot be reduced. The acquisition of a strategic investor by the company in May this year also served to guarantee this stability. Sygnity has become a part of the international Total Specific Solutions (TSS) group, a leading supplier of software for vertical markets in Europe,” summed up the Vice-President.

Sygnity is a software producer that creates advanced IT systems for companies and provides IT services.

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