Sygnis New Technologies is finalizing the merger with MODE

The National Court Register registered the merger of MODE S.A. and Sygnis New Technologies Sp. z o.o. At the same time, the National Court Register changed the name of MODE S.A. at Sygnis S.A. and the registration of 16.8 million series C shares from the merger issue, which have already been allocated to the existing shareholders of Sygnis New Technologies. The registration made by the National Court Register means that Sygnis New Technologies as Sygnis S.A. debuted on NewConnect, and investors already have the opportunity to invest in innovative research and development projects implemented by the Sygnis Group. At the same time, the Management Board of Sygnis S.A. announces the publication of development plans for the coming years over the next few weeks.

We are very glad that thanks to the efficient work of the National Court Register, we were able to make our debut on the NewConnect market at the beginning of the year. The presence on the stock exchange opens up many new opportunities for the entire Sygnis Group. Thanks to this, we are becoming even more credible in the eyes of business partners and potential investors - comments Andrzej Burgs, President of the Management Board of the newly established Sygnis S.A. - The formal merger process is behind us. Now we are waiting for the admission of series C shares to trading, which at the beginning of January were allocated to the previous shareholders of Sygnis New Technologies - he adds.

The Sygnis Group operates in 3 segments: New Technologies, Bio Technologies and Nano Technologies. The New Technologies brand is the longest operating brand of the Sygnis Group. The research and development team deals with the construction of proprietary machines operating in the field of additive technologies on a daily basis. An experienced team of 3D printing specialists has an extensive prototyping center, where it performs rapid prototyping services, advanced projects using hybrid materials, and tests new materials. The Bio Technologies brand specializes in supplying scientific equipment to the Polish market, with particular emphasis on high-resolution imaging of living cells and tissue engineering. The segment's portfolio combines many techniques, such as: 3D bio-printing, biopatterning, 3D holotomographic imaging and super-resolution imaging. Nano Technologies is the youngest segment in the Sygnis Group. He provides modern additive and analytical techniques in the areas of micro- and nanotechnology.

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