Sygnis expects profitability of the business and plans acquasitions in the 3D printing industry

Sygnis is planning further acquisitions in the Polish 3D printing industry and commercialization of its own production machines, Andrzej Burgs, president of ISBtech, informed. He expects "reasonable revenues" and current profit in November / December this year.

“With the acquisition of ZMorph, we are entering the acquisitions path faster than we planned. Our long-term plans also include the acquisition of a filament manufacturer. We already have an eye on several entities. We are also interested in complementary companies from the 3D printing industry, dealing with such technological areas as the processing of thermoplastics FDM / FFF, photopolymerization of resins or laser sintering of powders. We want to have a fully comprehensive offer and be the first choice for customers. Through acquisitions, we want to increase production in Poland, to have the basic activity in the 3D industry in the country, and to develop the scale of business internationally, ”said ISBtech Burgs during the Deep_Tech Investor Day conference organized by the WSE and InnerValue.

 He also noted that this year the company wants to show "reasonable revenues and a positive result for the whole year". It assumes reinvesting the generated profits into further business growth.

“We would like to settle contracts from the second quarter by the end of the year. In the third quarter, we will recognize revenues from the contract in Bulgaria for the supply of microscopes. It is a very promising market for us. We started with deliveries for the Bulgarian equivalent of PAN. I see a lot of business opportunities in Bulgaria in the segment of 3D bio-printing and science equipment, ”the president pointed out.

 Moreover, Sygnis is considering co-financing the dynamics of development.

“We would like to issue shares to accelerate the development of our business. We hope to start this process next year, ”concluded Burgs.

Sygnis SA is a deeptech company that conducts research and development projects in the field of hardware technologies. Originating in the field of 3D printing, Sygnis is currently working on dozens of projects, solving problems in the areas of new additive technologies, biotechnology, energy and nanotechnology. The core of the company are interdisciplinary teams of specialists and scientists, as well as a strong sales department distributing solutions of the company's business partners. Sygnis has been listed on the NewConnect market since December 2021.

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