SYDERAL Polska strengthens its cooperation with the AROBS group and changes its name to AROBS Polska

SYDERAL Polska tightens international cooperation with the AROBS group and changes its name to AROBS Polska. The Polish company specializes in the development of electronic systems and software for the needs of the space sector. Integration with the Romanian AROBS is to expand the company’s competences to new industries, including automotive and embedded systems.

SYDERAL Polska, now AROBS Polska, is a company that has been providing electronic and programming solutions for the space industry since 2016. The company has repeatedly been involved in projects related to quantum and optical communication, as well as contracts in the area of controlling satellite mechanisms and instruments. In Poland, the company carries out projects commissioned by e.g. European Space Agency (ESA) or the National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR). In March 2023, another project related to the development of satellite quantum communication was launched on behalf of ESA. This contract complements the company’s portfolio in this new, emerging branch of the market, which is crucial for ensuring data security in the era of quantum computing development.

In February this year, AROBS Transilvania Software acquired 94% of the Polish company’s shares and became the majority shareholder in AROBS Polska. The Romanian company is a leader in providing software-related services to global partners in the automotive, aerospace, medical, travel, FinTech and IoT industries. It is also a key technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Joining the Polish company to the AROBS group was a strategic step for both parties. Thanks to it, it will be possible to open up to new markets together, as well as to consolidate technical and business knowledge in the field of space technologies.

– By integrating new companies and areas of specialization, we are constantly improving our services and solutions for clients and responding better to changing market needs. The admission of SYDERAL Polska to our group and the renaming of the company to AROBS Polska is a significant step in our medium and long-term development strategy. Now we focus on investing in our Polish company and developing it towards becoming a key partner on the space technology market in Poland and Europe. said Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS.

As AROBS Polska, the company will continue to work on all current projects and develop as a preferred partner in even more groundbreaking and innovative projects in Poland and abroad. The Polish company plans to significantly expand the company’s operations in new areas, such as automotive and embedded software, which will allow the company to participate in global projects and strengthen its international exposure. Under the new name, the company will continue to be led by Michał Drogosz, the current CEO of SYDERAL Polska.


In the near future, the AROBS group plans to intensify its activities and investments in Poland. The main short-term goal of the partnership is to strengthen the position on the Polish and European space market. The cooperation is also intended to bring the Polish company closer to becoming a key technological partner for the emerging European quantum communication infrastructure. This is to be possible thanks to its market experience and the support of the entire group, in particular AROBS Engineering, a company specializing in, among others, in the space sector. At the same time, thanks to the experience of the AROBS group in other business areas, work will be carried out on expanding its operations in Poland to other sectors.


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