Support for startups in Poland: inQUBE is a strategic partner for APX and Ringier Axel Springer Polska

The investment company APX together with Ringier Axel Springer Polska and inQUBE University Incubator of Entrepreneurship announced a support program for startups operating in Poland. Thanks to this initiative, young companies can obtain funding and substantive assistance in development.

APX is a venture capitalist that specializes in very early stage investments. The fund, which was established in Berlin through a joint initiative of Axel Springer and Porsche, supports ambitious startups in the pre-seed phase, often as the first investor. The APX model combines investments with substantive support – one of the basic assumptions is, among others initial investment of 50,000 euro for 5 percent shares and in cooperation with almost 100 co-investors.

“We hope that thanks to joint activities with Ringier Axel Springer Polska and APX, we will not only be able to get to know and publicize the activities of interesting startups, but also offer them tangible and specific support. Since 2018, APX has invested in over 80 startups from 20 industries based in 20 countries. I am glad that now inQUBE will also be involved in this” – says Patrycja Modrzejewska, director of inQUBE of the University Incubator of Entrepreneurship at the University of Economics in Wrocław.

Thanks to our partnership on the Polish market, cooperation with APX is not only a great development opportunity for startups, but also gives the opportunity to present its offer to Ringier Axel Springer Polska. This is an opportunity to cooperate with one of the largest media and technology companies in the region, and the company’s media portfolio is a good way for startups whose product can become part of the digital ecosystem of media, entertainment and e-commerce – adds Marek Kopeć, Group Director of Product at Ringier Axel Springer Polska.


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