Support for companies extended by 16 PKD codes.

The business community welcomes the government’s declaration to extend the Industry Shield by 16 new PKD codes. I have informed the Prime Minister many times that many entrepreneurs operating under these codes are waiting for such a decision – we read in the position of Adam Abramowicz.

An SME spokesman commented, inter alia, on The information announced by the president of the Social Insurance Institution that the PKD code will be verified as of March 31, 2021 is very important, because many entrepreneurs could not use the Industry Shield due to other than the actual activity of the leading PKD code, declared before the autumn lockdown was announced. This change will enable them to receive compensation, writes Adam Abramowicz.

Outside the support system, there is still a large group of entrepreneurs whose companies are already on the verge of bankruptcy solely due to the lockdown. Therefore, it is necessary to continue legislative work in such a way that all companies affected by the restrictions, without exception, have the right to compensation. The spokesman for SMEs emphasized that he proposed that companies with PKD codes, which today entitle them to receive compensation, should be joined by those companies whose turnover after the lockdown has decreased by at least 70%. The Ministry of the RPiT declared the commencement of work in this area, but the demand of the SME Ombudsman was not implemented. In the ministry’s communiqué, it was written that the adoption of such a solution poses the risk of unjustified spending of public money to support poorly managed, seasonally operating companies and companies that are in a bad economic situation before the lockdown.


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