Supplements manufacturer Laboratoria Natury opens new factory in Lublin

Laboratoria Natury, a company operating on the international pharmaceutical market, officially opened its new production plant in Lublin. The 7,000 sq.m. plant’s, pharmaceutical standard technological lines have already been launched, including an innovative line for the production of dietary supplements in chocolate form. The event coincided with the 10th anniversary of the Polish company joining the international group, Maabarot Products Ltd.

The new factory is equipped with innovative lines for the production of syrups, drops, pectin gummies and chocolate molds. Currently, 85 people currently work in the Polish plant, but ultimately, after reaching full production capacity, employment will exceed over 100 employees.

However, what distinguishes the Polish company is the creation of a special zone in the new plant for the production of LLP (Long Life Probiotics) products containing live bacteria cultures. The production has been designed in such a way as to limit the negative influence of external factors (humidity and temperature) on their stability and quality. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, the products from the new plant are characterized by a 24-month period of keeping the declared content of probiotics.

“The expanded plant enables us to further develop globally and strengthens our position on the market. The larger area, new laboratory and specialized machines give the opportunity to produce internationally unique molds that could not be produced in the previous location. These are i.a. probiotics in oil forms and in a child-friendly form of functional sugar-free chocolates. I am glad that it is in Lublin that we can continue to develop, and the city and its representatives create a very good atmosphere for business” – emphasized Sylwia Tandejko, President of the Management Board.


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