SunRoof and Qmodular are planning a line of zero-energy houses, i.a. in the Dominican Republic

SunRoof - a Polish-Swedish startup creating 2-in-1 solar roofs - and Qmodular - a manufacturer of modular buildings - plan to create a Solar House line - zero-energy houses, SunRoof reported. As part of the established partnership, the companies will design, build and deliver modular houses from the Solar House line for Samana Nomad City - a residential and co-working complex located on the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic.

“Qmodular Solar House is a line of buildings characterized by a high standard of finish, which will allow you to realize your dream of an environmentally friendly house. The building made in the Qmodular technology with the implemented solution from SunRoof is a unique product. Not only does it reduce operating costs thanks to solar energy, but also through precise workmanship and the use of appropriate materials, such as airgel used in the aerospace industry, it protects against heat loss and ensures comfort of use for many years. The combination of the SunRoof solar roof and façade technology with the architecture of the Qmodular facilities allows for an amazing visual effect,” said Marcin Kukułka, CEO of Qmodular, quoted in the release.

Buildings made in the Qmodular technology are built in an automated production hall in controlled conditions. The entire production cycle is optimized in terms of material and energy consumption. During the construction of a building in the Qmodular technology, much less carbon dioxide and construction waste are generated compared to traditional construction.

SunRoof is a startup that creates 2-in-1 solar roofs and solutions that enable decentralized energy production by homeowners. The company offers technology that replaces the traditional roof and separately installed photovoltaic panels.

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