15 milllion pln Subsidies for entrepreneurs who failed.

Entrepreneurs whose business have failed have a chance for a second life. As part of the “New Start” program, they can obtain support to try their hand at the market once more. In addition to the new aid instruments, there are also programs and reliefs that have been in force for some time.

For those who would like to start their business, the procedures related to setting up a business have been simplified. Beginning entrepreneurs can take advantage of the so-called “Relief for start”, i.e. 6 months without social security contributions, then a 2-year period of preferential ZUS contributions, and then, for those who meet the criteria, from the so-called Little ZUS Plus.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs who already operate on the market and find themselves in trouble for various reasons are supported by the “New Opportunity Policy” program. Thanks to it, companies can receive financial and expert support in carrying out effective restructuring.

From 2020, entrepreneurs can also apply to one of the four training and consulting projects as part of the “New start” competition. Three of them, “Academy of positive change”, “Professional start” and “New start – new perspectives”, are nationwide, and about 800 entrepreneurs can count on support. On the other hand, the project “Ster na cel” is aimed only at entrepreneurs from the Mazowieckie, Lubelskie and Łódzkie voivodships, and the aid will be granted to 270 companies in total.

Micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (self-employed persons or partners of a commercial law company) who have restarted their business activity may apply for EU support. Participants will receive 100 percent. co-financing from the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program, which will make return to the market easier. The budget of the program is PLN 15 million. Support can be allocated, among others verification of the causes of previous failure and development of competences necessary to run a business. Operators are waiting for applications from companies until November 30, 2022.

Program participants will receive professional training and consulting support, as part of which they will identify and analyze the causes of an earlier business failure and strengthen their business competences. Participation in the program is also an opportunity to adapt the business model to the changing market conditions and competition.


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