40 million pln Cluster Subsidies

Up to PLN 9 million can be obtained by an entity interested in the Program Development of Potential of Coordinators of Key National Clusters.

The program is implemented from the funds of the Intelligent Development Operational Program. They will be able to spend the obtained support on extending the offer, among others in the field of digitization and transformation towards the industry of the future, circular economy or low-carbon economy.

As many as 14 out of 15 entities of this type operating in Poland submitted applications for co-financing in the competition “Development of the potential of key National Cluster coordinators”. Recruitment ended on March 11, but several coordinators, due to the pandemic, asked for more time (according to procedures).

Projects submitted in the competition organized by PARP total the amount of co-financing in the amount of PLN 40 378 747.82. Coordinators of each cluster could apply for co-financing projects with eligible costs of up to PLN 15,000,000.

The aim of the competition, in accordance with the Cluster Policy Directions after 2020 developed by the Ministry of Labor and Technology Development, is to support activities aimed at extending the offer of the coordinators of the National Key Clusters by at least one new service in strategic areas provided for under the cluster development policy, in particular activities in the field of digitization and digital transformation, transformation towards the industry of the future (Industry 4.0), circular economy and low-carbon economy.


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