More EU subsidies for business

In April, the offer addressed to entrepreneurs is quite substantial and includes various instruments. In the coming month, business owners and future entrepreneurs will be able to raise funds for design projects, solutions to help people with disabilities, preparation of an application for an EU subsidy or entering the foreign market and participation in international fairs.

SMEs can receive over PLN 1.1 million to finance the entire design process – from analyzing the company’s needs and developing a strategy, to prototyping and product testing.

In addition, companies can also subsidize one or two additional optional components:

• Consulting related to the commercialization of a product innovation resulting from a new design project.
• Investments necessary to implement the developed product on the market. They can be used for the purchase of fixed assets or intangible assets.

• Recruitment starts: November 25, 2021
• End of recruitment: March 30, 2022
• Allocation: PLN 70 million
• Co-financing: max. PLN 1.125 million (up to 80% of the project value). The value of the project must be between PLN 60,000 PLN and PLN 1.5 million.

Grants for eurogrants
The aim of the competition is to finance the costs of preparing a project planned for implementation under one of the European Union Programs, in particular: Horizon 2020, COSME, Creative Europe, LIFE, and other European Union programs managed centrally by the European Commission.

The support is available to SMEs that have their seat or branch in Poland and plan to apply for funding in competitions organized under EU Programs.

Funds from the subsidy can be allocated, inter alia, to on:

• Financing the costs of the advisory service, thanks to which the project will be prepared
• Financing the cost of developing a feasibility study
• Organization of meetings (including costs of searching for project partners and costs of business trips)
• Preparation of the grant application / application in accordance with the requirements specified by the competition organizer and activities related to their possible correction
• Financing the costs of translating the application documentation submitted to the competition organizer

• Recruitment starts: April 1, 2021
• End of recruitment: January 27, 2022
• Allocation: PLN 5 million
• Co-financing: maximum PLN 280,060 (100% of the project value)

Go to Brand – EXPO 2020
Go to Brand ”gives micro, small and medium-sized enterprises a chance to promote their brands in the context of our country’s participation in this year’s World Exhibition. SMEs also gain the opportunity to participate in the Poland-United Arab Emirates Economic Forum, which will be part of the Polish Day celebrations during the Expo.

The company’s support can be used for participation in fairs, exhibitions, economic missions or foreign conferences and for additional promotional activities related to participation in EXPO 2020.

• Recruitment starts: February 26, 2021
• End of recruitment: March 29, 2021
• Allocation: PLN 50 million (PLN 15 million for projects from Mazowieckie voivodeship)
• Co-financing: up to 85% of the project value

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