Subscriptions in the public offer of Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina is open from yesterday untill May 10

Subscriptions in the public offering of series K shares of Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina (MPWiW) started today and will last until May 10, the company said.
“In recent days, as part of the road-show, we held a series of talks with investors, including institutional investors. We are convinced that our unique business model and enormous potential to increase the scale of operations will be appreciated by the market, ”said President Janusz Palikot, quoted in the release.

Based on the published information memorandum, Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina offers up to 203,371 new issue K series shares. The issue price of the offered securities was set by the general meeting at PLN 54, which means that the assumed proceeds from the offer will amount to nearly PLN 11 million. MPWiW intends to allocate the entire financial resources obtained from the issue of series K shares to working capital, it was recalled.

Subscriptions for shares in both the small investors (TMI) and large investors (TDI) tranches will be accepted between April 26 and May 10 this year. Subscriptions are conducted by Dom Maklerski BOŚ, which is the coordinator of the offer, and Biuro Maklerskie mBanku, which became a member of the distribution consortium.

Investors under the TMI may subscribe for no less than 10 shares and a maximum total of no more than 15,000 shares of MPWiW (in one investment company). For this purpose, they should engage from PLN 540 to PLN 810 thousand. zloty. Investors under TDI may subscribe for not less than 15,001 shares and a maximum number of series K shares offered for subscription in TDI.

After the allocation planned for May 13 this year. and registration of the capital increase in the National Court Register, the company will apply to introduce its securities to trading on the NewConnect market. The intention of the management board is that the new series K shares and some of the existing shares will debut on the regulated market in the second or third quarter of 2022.

Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina (Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina) creates an alcohol holding company with high-quality regional beer brands, while consolidating other alcohol projects. 

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