Strabag summed up 35 years of activity in Poland

Strabag has been present in Poland for 35 years. The company decided to enter our market before 1989.

— I think that everyone knows what the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw looks like. It was the first investment that was implemented – recalled Wojciech Trojanowski, member of the management board of Strabag. – Also these 35 years we are still accompanying Poland, we are in Poland, in all these socio-economic and political changes that have taken place so far and I think that everyone knows how Poland has changed over this period. And for the construction industry, these were gigantic challenges, gigantic opportunities, gigantic tasks of infrastructure construction, but also construction of many other facilities, not only transport infrastructure in Poland, for private and public investors, he added.

Currently, Strabag is the second largest construction company in Poland in terms of turnover. The company employs over 6,000 people and is present in all construction sectors.

  • We are glad that we are one of the leaders of this market, because this is our goal in each of the countries in which we are present. We want to be the market leader, and Poland is the third most important country in terms of turnover and employment for the entire Strabag group in the world – emphasized the president.

Strabag is also involved in the development of road infrastructure. The company is one of the most important general contractors when it comes to the construction of motorways and national roads.

  • I think that every Polish driver associates us to some extent with the construction of this large road infrastructure. We have built more than half of the A2 motorway, one of the most important motorways in Poland. We are particularly proud of our concession section Nowy Tomyśl-Świecko, where in two years we built, colloquially speaking, over 100 km of motorway from scratch. Now we can see how important, for example, the A4 motorway is, i.e. the infrastructural integration of Western Europe and Ukraine – said the president and reminded that Strabag was involved in the construction of over 40 percent of this highway.

The president said that in recent years Strabag is particularly proud of its presence in all local governments in Poland.

— We are the largest partner for Polish local governments in the construction of infrastructure. 97 percent roads in Poland, these are local government roads. These are the roads that Poles use every day to go to work, go home, go to school. The safety and quality of these local connections are particularly important, because it simply affects the quality of life of all residents, he assessed.

The president added that local governments now need money for investments. He added that the implemented central programs from which infrastructure investments are co-financed help to reduce the transport exclusion of many regions and stressed that these are good programs that should be continued.


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