Stokrotka stores to hit 800 milestone in December

Stokrotka will open 25 stores in December this year and thereby their number will increase to 800, the network said. The 25 new stores will include supermarkets, supermarkets, express outlets in large and smaller towns.

“During the year, for various reasons, we postponed the launch dates of some stores, but we reached a point that we cannot and do not want to postpone anymore. I do not hide that we have a very ambitious plan to open new Stokrotka trees, but as an organization we are prepared for it and we will implement it. Among the December events, it will also be a unique, opening of the store number eight hundred ”- said the member of the management board of Stokrotka, sales and marketing director Mirosław Wawryszczuk.

Stokrotka’s plans for 2021 provided for the opening of around 100 stores. In 2020, 93 stores were launched in all network formats.


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