European consortium prepares construction of the Ostrołęka-Łomża-Giżycko railway line

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny has selected a contractor for preparatory works for the Ostrołęka-Łomża-Giżycko railway line connecting Mazury, Podlasie and Mazovia. Łomża, one of the largest cities without access to rail, will be included in the railway network. There are also seven similar proceedings pending.

The offer of the consortium of Egis Polska, Egis Rail and JAF Geotechnika was recognized as the best, valued at PLN 20.1 million net. Price (70%) and experience (30%) were assessed. As part of STEŚ, the contractor will analyze the routes of the planned railway line and prepare specialist technical, environmental and economic studies. On this basis, the preferred route of the line will be indicated (the so-called investor variant) to the extent necessary to conduct further preparations.

The first construction works between Ostrołęka and Łomża are to begin in 2023. According to the plans, they will continue until the end of 2027.


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