Ministry boasts of 10 billion pln profit from State-owned companies

In the third quarter of 2021, companies with a share of the State Treasury earned a net profit of PLN 9.6 billion – MAP informed. It added that 17 companies were taken into account, of which 13 of them improved their net result year on year.

The Ministry of State Assets published on Thursday on its website the report of the Department of Analysis and Reporting entitled “The results of State Treasury companies in the third quarter of 2021”.

The report shows that the enterprises analyzed by MAP made pure profits in the third quarter of this year of PLN 9.6 billion. It was added that by 133 percent the total profit of the surveyed companies improved compared to the corresponding quarter of 2020. Thirteen companies – out of the 17 analyzed – improved their net result in the third quarter year on year.

“You can’t argue with numbers. This is the result of efficient management. Despite the pandemic and the global economic crisis, the companies of the Treasury are still in good shape” – emphasizes Jacek Sasin, the deputy prime minister and head of MAP.


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