Startup Doctor.One raised EUR 2.1 million, incl. from the German Atlantic Labs

Doctor.One is the world's first virtual clinic that allows doctors to create and run a private medical practice in a subscription model. The basis of healthcare provided is online medical celebrations, during which medics respond to messages from their patients or contact them by means of a chat or telephone conversation to check the progress of treatment. Using the application, they can also plan a stationary visit or order tests. At Doctor.One, doctors invite the patients they want to care for. They have full control over the time devoted to them, as well as the scope and price of the subscription. The innovative idea behind Doctor.One was noticed by the jury of the Start-up Challenge 2022 competition accompanying the European Economic Congress, awarding the company the title of laureate in the Health & Biotechnology category.

- We have been on the market for less than six months, and Doctor.One is already used by doctors of over 30 specializations - from family medicine and pediatrics, through gynecology and allergology, to endocrinology, hematology and neonatology. We received positive feedback from both medics and patients on our model of ongoing healthcare, based on a direct relationship with a trusted doctor. Moreover, our data shows that after a month of cooperation with us, the revenues of some doctors increase by up to 20%. while maintaining a similar number of working hours. Thanks to increasing doctors' decision-making in the context of the time they devote to patients and forms of contact, they are able to manage their precious time more efficiently, while ensuring continuity of care unique on the market, says Tomasz Rudolf, CEO of Doctor.One.

The data shows that the global digital healthcare market in 2021 was worth over USD 201 billion and, according to forecasts, in 2022 it will reach a value of nearly USD 253 billion with an average annual growth rate of 25.5%. (CARG). The authors of the report also predict that the market will grow at a rate of 24 percent. (CARG) annually, reaching a value of nearly $ 597 billion in 2026.

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