Start-ups in the spotlight of investors. One-third generate higher revenues during a pandemic

Although 53 percent of start-ups felt the lack of new recipients of products or services, and 35 percent. drop in sales, relatively few of them assess the impact of the pandemic on their business as negative. More than one third of this type of business currently generates more revenue than before its outbreak – shows the latest edition of the Startup Poland report from November 2020. A chance for development for young, innovative businesses is cooperation with large corporations that can provide them with facilities and expert support. Orange Polska offers such opportunities as part of its accelerator. The operator focuses especially on innovations related to 5G.

  • Polish start-ups did well in the pandemic, because last year – despite the general difficulties in the economy – they managed to obtain financing from the market. The report “Transactions on the Polish VC 2020 market” published in January 2021 shows that last year the value of investments acquired by start-ups was record-breaking, at the level of PLN 2.1 billion. On the other hand, the report “Polish start-ups 2020. COVID Edition”, prepared by the Startup Poland Foundation, shows that the youngest businesses in Poland suffered relatively the least in the pandemic and are very optimistic about the future – says Artur Piecha, the customer marketing director, for key accounts and corporate Orange Polska.

PLN 2.1 billion of the acquired capital is 70%. increase compared to 2019. The average value of venture capital investments on the Polish market was also record-high last year – by 52 percent. higher than the year before. According to the authors of the report, PFR Ventures analysts, this proves the continued optimism of investors towards the Polish start-up ecosystem. Private capital was responsible for 45 percent. the value of last year’s transactions.

This sector is also viewed with optimism by large companies and corporations that decide to cooperate with start-ups. The research of the Startup Poland Foundation shows that innovative businesses much more often choose activities targeted at companies than in the consumer segment. In this group, 65 percent. startups create products and services just for large entities employing over 250 people.

As the Orange expert emphasizes, cooperation between large corporations and start-ups is mutually beneficial. One of the advantages for the operator is the high potential for implementing innovations through cooperation with such entities. Young, innovative businesses are more flexible and open to risk, they focus on creating solutions that meet market needs, and at the same time their decision-making process is not as complicated as in the case of corporations.

  • That is why, together with start-ups, we want to offer new products and services on the market, including based on 5G technology – says Artur Piecha.

Orange has an internal competence center that deals with searching, testing and developing innovative services. Orange Fab selects those start-ups that develop innovative products and services or use technologies in an unconventional way, creating new business models. Solutions that can improve efficiency and contribute to digital transformation in industry, logistics and transport are particularly sought after.

  • We are looking for partners who have a ready product filling market niches or complementing our offer portfolio within the Orange group of companies – explains the Orange expert. – We are open especially to propositions of services using the 5G network, which offers new possibilities thanks to increased data transmission speed up to 20 Gb / s, delays reduced to the level of single milliseconds or the ability to support up to a million devices per square kilometer.

Since last year, the operator has been carrying out the first implementations for customers in the 5G area. An example is the project for the Łódź Special Economic Zone, which chose Orange Polska as the supplier of the internal 5G campus network for the purposes of creating the ŁSEZ 5G Lab, i.e. a space equipped with appropriate tools, equipment and infrastructure for testing 5G innovations.


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