Huawei Startup Challenge tempts environmental startups with PLN 100,000

New technologies can have practical application in solving problems related to environmental protection. This is confirmed by the ideas of startups that applied for the second edition of the Huawei Startup Challenge competition. From the 226 breakthrough solutions submitted to the semi-final of the competition, the Chapter chose 20 innovative projects with outstanding potential.

The goal of the joint initiative of Huawei and Startup Academy is to select unconventional Polish startups that, in the face of the increasing ecological degradation of the planet, are actively working for the sustainable development of the world. The jury, which included representatives of the world of science, business and public administration, nominated 20 most innovative projects that went to the semi-finals of the competition. The selected companies are: Atmoshell, Bioliwer Technologies, DAC (DynamicAirCooling), DoxyChain, Hydrogen First, Hydrum, Lumelabel, Maas Loop, MakeGrowLab, NanoSci, Plan Be Eco, REI Vision, Solhotair, StorkJet, SunRoof Technology, Swapp !, The True Green , Vegan Manufactura, Vertigo Farms and ZNIKA.

“Polish innovators can play a key role in solving pressing social, health and climate problems in Europe and the whole world in the coming years. The companies selected by the jury of our competition are the best example of the fact that enterprising Poles and Poles do not lack the potential and ambition to implement all kinds of positive impact projects.”

“This is clearly confirmed by the thematic cross-section of applications and the twenty selected for the semi-finals, representing companies from the RES and Lesswaste sectors (25% each), Industry 4.0 (20%), Foodtech and IT (10%), as well as Smart City (5%) . It is worth noting that this year we only support initiatives related to ecology, but Polish technological thought and the startup environment are ready to support other areas, including people with disabilities. This was proved by the first edition of the Huawei Startup Challange competition and confirmed to us that startups in cooperation with large business can significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of people in many different areas” – says Ryszard Hordyński, director of strategy and communication at Huawei Polska.


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