Start-up detects frustration level in e-shopping

Artificial intelligence and machine learning help analyze the behavior of customers visiting company websites, mainly e-shops, and to indicate at which moments of this visit frustration appears. A Polish start-up is developing an application that is the first in the world to use this technology, and it shows the first conclusions after just a few minutes of operation.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of businesses around the world, and analysts predict that the software market for automated behavior pattern research will almost double in value in the coming years.

“We live in very fast times. The users of online stores are very demanding and do not allow any mistakes in the website. Then they quickly give up and go to the competition. Therefore, we must ensure that this user purchasing path is prepared in the best and comfortable way for our users” – explains Marta-Lipka Krawczyk, sales director at

The CUX tool developed by a Polish start-up is the first and the only UX Automation platform in the world. Its role is to recognize, detect and define user behavior patterns in order to influence their experience while using a given website.

“Our tool recognizes patterns of behavior. He analyzes user experiences, checks how they behave, when they get stuck, how they react to the content available in online stores. And because these are patterns, they can be repetitive. On their basis, we automate the user experience and behavior paths, so that they are simpler and clearer for end customers” – informs Marta-Lipka Krawczyk.

The application independently tracks all events on the website, without involving the client’s IT department. It enables entrepreneurs to quickly access key data from their point of view, such as the moment when the customer becomes frustrated while browsing the website. It then sends appropriate alerts. Thanks to predictive analysis, customers do not have to look for problems on the websites themselves – CUX does it for them, additionally selecting only those visits that are relevant to the business goal (e.g. sales, newsletter subscription or form filling). The solution allows you to reduce the costs associated with using the services of external analysts, and the first results of its implementation can be observed after a few minutes.


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