Stars.Space wants to enter foreign markets via TikTok

Stars.Space – a company specializing in the monetization of influencer marketing – intends to start operating in the Russian-speaking markets next year, mainly in Russia and Ukraine. The company’s target is also the countries of the Middle East, said Maciej Zegarski, president. In all these markets, as in Poland, TikTok will be the main channel to reach customers.

“TikTok is a very popular platform in these markets, especially in Russia. It is estimated that the recipients of this platform on this market are 29 million people, while in Poland it is 2.5 million. Additionally, TikTok in Russia also reaches customers older than in Poland. According to, half of the users of this application in Russia are people over 35, ”Zegarski said in an interview.

He added that the company is also analyzing the possibility of entering the Persian Gulf countries.


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