Spyrosoft to hire 100 new employees in Wrocław

Syprosoft is making waves about its recent good news: the Financial Times published the latest list of the 1000 fastest growing technology companies in the world. 5th place taken by the Wrocław listed company Spyrosoft S.A., a software producer providing comprehensive project management.

Spyrosoft S.A. has been operating since 2016, and already employs almost 600 people and will employ more employees. Only in January and February 2021, the company managed to hire 57 new IT specialists: the so-called seniors, technical leaders, architects, as well as Java and other experts.

To new contracts of Spyrosoft S.A. I am looking for, among others: IT engineers in many specialties, especially in the area of ​​DevOps and the language of basins.

Spyrosoft S.A. It also employs juniors, i.e. young IT specialists right after graduation, but due to their low skills, they have to undergo additional training.

Currently, Spyrosoft S.A. creates solutions for Viessmann, TrackMan and Razer and cooperates with German manufacturers from the automotive industry. The software house plans to increase employment by another several hundred people in the next two or three years.


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