Spire Capital Partners has invested in a company from the CCaaS segment – Thulium

Spire Capital Partners - a newly established Polish private equity firm - has invested in Thulium, the press release said.

“Spire Capital Partners is in an advanced process of creating the first fund, the investors of which will be both institutional and private entities. The planned official launch of the fund will take place in the next few months. The founders of Spire Capital Partners are Krzysztof Konopiński, Arkadiusz Podziewski and Łukasz Wierdak, who want to focus on the unaddressed area of ​​investment buyouts on the Polish capital market of technological and digital lower mid-cap buy-out companies that have already achieved profitability "- we read in the release.

Spire Capital Partners is an investor specializing in investments in majority packages of software, e-commerce and tech-enabled services companies. The investment targets are companies with positive EBITDA (from PLN 4 million), operating in sectors with high potential for growth, consolidation or international expansion, it was also stated.

“We decided to establish Spire Capital Partners because our long-term market observations showed that this is an important area from which entrepreneurs have limited opportunities to obtain attractive financing and a partner to accelerate development. We see many interesting projects that operate in the area of ​​the rapidly growing digital economy and are already profitable - and this is where we see candidates for our portfolio, ”said Konopiński, quoted in the release.

The ambition of the company's founders and SCP investment team is to further develop the company and make it a regional leader in supporting businesses operating both online and omnichannel, it also said.

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