Avia partners with Spar to boost non-fuel sales at stations by 20%

The introduction, for the time being as part of a pilot, of Spar-branded stores to the Avia chain stations managed by Unimot, may increase non-fuel sales at these stations by up to 20%, Adam Sikorski, President of Unimot, informed ISBnews.
“The Avia chain has very good experience in cooperation with the Spar brand, for example from the Swiss market, where even in well-managed stores there was an increase in non-fuel sales, as well as an increase in sales of fuels themselves, because the Spar brand attracts new customers” – Sikorski said in an interview.

According to him, these increases reached up to 20% and a comparable one can also be expected at the stations in Poland.

“We give ourselves about half a year to evaluate the functioning of the pilot program, in which five stations will participate, and in the second half of 2022 a decision on what to do next should be expected. I am optimistic about this cooperation, because our offers complement each other well. After a few days of operation of the Spar store at the Avia station in Poznań, we can see that it is developing well, ”added the president.

He assured that if a decision is made to expand the cooperation, more stores in the colors of Spar will appear in 2022, although it is too early to talk about a specific number.


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