SPAR Group decided to look for a buyer for its business in Poland, where it has 212 stores

SPAR Group has decided to take strategic steps to sell SPAR’s business in Poland, which currently includes 212 retail stores, the company announced.

“The SPAR Group Limited, one of the largest South African retailers, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, announced the decision to take strategic steps to sell the SPAR business in Poland. The SPAR Polska network includes 212 top-class retail stores – both corporate and run by independent retail operators, a modern company producing ready-made meals and two regional distribution centers in southern and central Poland,” we read in the release.

“While maintaining a positive attitude towards the opportunities and prospects for retail development in the dynamic and growing market in Poland, SPAR’s management team and employees will continue to work on both the growth and development of SPAR’s business in Poland. In order to ensure the continued presence of the SPAR brand in Poland, the safety of contractors, retail partners and the team in Poland, as well as maintaining the current Polish SPAR business, The SPAR Group has confirmed that it will continue to provide the required support to SPAR Polska until the process of finding a suitable and reliable investor,” it was reported.

The SPAR Group Ltd. is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa. In the 1960s, the company became the exclusive master franchisor of SPAR in South Africa. Currently, The SPAR Group Ltd. also operates in 5 other African countries, Ireland, South West England, Switzerland and Sri Lanka.


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