SP Tech Sollutions has nearly 5 million for further development and a contract for the Lotos Kolej service

SP Tech Solutions has acquired nearly PLN 5 million for further development and has signed a contract for servicing Lotos Kolej, the announcement said. The funds will be used for technological work and building the company's position.

"Recently, the company has obtained a financing round in the amount of almost PLN 5 million, attended by, inter alia, SpeedUp Bridge Alfa and Pomerangels. There is a lot of space in the rail sector to digitize processes. The money obtained by the startup will be used for technological work and building the company's position on the Polish railway market. In the coming months, SP Tech plans to close the next financing round, which it will use for the global expansion of its solution and services, ”reads the release.

SP Tech Solutions has three main products in its portfolio. Raily Taxi is a tool that automates the process of organizing and optimizing the transport of traction teams, with a constantly growing level of system autonomy. Raily Cargo will enable integrated, innovative management of the resources of a railway company based on Business Intelligence solutions. Raily Terminal, in turn, is a project that allows for the overall management of an intermodal railway terminal.

“The assumptions of this project assume the development of the first solution in Europe for autonomous and robotic container handling. At the same time, as part of our activities, we provide transport services, taking over the handling of the entire process, ”said Piotr Sikorski, CEO of SP Tech, quoted in the release.

SP Tech Solutions is developing the Raily tool, which is a comprehensive IT system designed for companies whose activities relate to rail transport in terms of both its service and implementation.

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