Pig farms embrace tech: BigFarmNet technology boosts Dutch client Gobarto’s new farm

After a renovation period of 1.5 years, Big Dutchman customer Gobarto S.A. recently started operating one of the most modern pig farms in Poland, located in Zalesie, not far from Wrocław, which can house 6,000 sows.

They are are kept in animal-friendly groups for the gestation period. 180,000 piglets are weaned every year; contract farmers continue the finishing process.

The project partners pooled their experience when selecting the pig equipment for their farm: “We decided on simple solutions to ensure that all work can be done quickly and easily. The equipment is controlled and monitored by clever computer systems, which provide valuable support given the size of the farm,” says Artur Balcerowiak, Sales Manager for Big Dutchman Polska, putting the results of the collaborative decision-making process in a nutshell.


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