South African sausage king looking to ‘revolutionise’ Poland’s street food scene

A South African chef whose sausages and pies have become the talk of Poland says he is now looking to revolutionise the country’s street food scene.

Darren Graysmark, who was born in Cape Town and moved to Poland in 2014, started his online food shop ‘Ke Nako Foods’ after encouragement from his hungry neighbours and friends.

Setting up his website due to further popular demand, the 32-year-old found orders for his homemade pork bangers, boerwors (farmers’ sausage) biltong and meat and vegetarian pies went through the roof during lockdown as news of his delicious foods spread.

Graysmark told TFN: “I was coming from the UK to Poland for a holiday because my brother was already living here.

Now the Warsaw-based sausage king has opened his ‘Harry’s Kitchen’ food truck, the first of a planned fleet across the country, and with growing demand both online and offline has started negotiations for his own production kitchen.


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