Solorz hungry for more shares of Polsat Plus Group – will spend 2.9 billion pln

Zygmunt Solorz and his subsidiary Reddev signed an agreement with Polsat Plus Group, under which the businessman is to buy over 82 million shares of Polsat Plus group. The price was set at PLN 35 per share.

“The intention of the Company is to purchase under the tender offer no more than 82,904,517 own shares of the Company, and the price offered per share in the tender offer was set by the parties to the Agreement at PLN 35.00”, according to the company. This means that the total value of the transaction should not exceed PLN 2.91 billion.

Who will formally buy the shares? “Due to the restrictions imposed on the Company by the Code of Commercial Companies, Reddev will also be the entity purchasing the Company’s shares under the Tender Offer,” the Polsat Plus group informs.


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