Solorz gives up nuclear power project in Russia, aims for 2 small nuke plants in Poland

Zygmunt Solorz will not invest in a nuclear power plant in Russia. Instead, it wants to build small reactors in Konin. They will replace the brown coal power plant.

The July reports of Polityka Insight that PAK belonging to Zygmunt Solorz ZE PAK in cooperation with the Hungarian group MWM would become shareholders of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant in the Kaliningrad District electrified the market.

Today, as reported by Robert Tomaszewski from “PI”, this plan is “dead”, but Solorz has not withdrawn from the idea of ​​investing in nuclear energy. “At the beginning of August, ZE PAK asked PSE to launch market and technical consultations on the use of the location in Pątnów for the construction of SMRs” – the expert announced on Twitter.

“On Wednesday, the Pątnów-Adamów-Konin Power Plant received a meeting proposal from Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne to discuss the conditions for connecting the planned small nuclear reactors to the national grid,” Rzeczpospolita reports and confirms that the company wants to build units with a total capacity of 1.8 GW , i.e. equal to the capacity of two new units of the Opole Power Plant. As the daily notes, Pątnów is one of the locations of potential nuclear power plants considered by the Polish government. The other two are Bełchatów and Pomerania.


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