Solaris lands 76 million euro deal to supply 161 hybrid buses to Belgium

Solaris won the tender for the delivery of 161 Urbino 12 hybrids with 8 years of service. The contracting authority is the Opérateur de Transport de Wallonie (OTW), the public transport operator in the French-speaking part of Belgium. The vehicles will be delivered to Wallonia in 2022. The contract value is over EUR 76 million.

Namur, Liège and Charleroi to these three cities, already at the start of the movement, a low-emission bi-12 hybrid ordered by the OTW. The vehicles will be built to be restarted: TEC, TEC-Verviers, from the Solaris installation earlier and, for the first time, to the first TEC Namur-Luxembourg.

“We are extremely proud of our next order for the Opérateur de Transport de Wallonie. Since 2017, we have delivered almost 240 hybrid buses of the same type to Liège, Hainaut and Charleroi. We have turned to the fact that even more city bus transport in Wallonia will be possible to use modern, low-emission Solaris buses, ”said Petros Spinaris, member of Solar’s management board for sales.


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