SoftServe has opened an office in Warsaw, Poland, where about 200 Data & Cloud specialists are working.

SoftServe officially opened its first office in Warsaw. Over 200 specialists will work there, mainly in the field of Data & Cloud, said Sebastian Drzewiecki, country manager of SoftServe Poland.

“Opening an office in Warsaw is of strategic importance to us. Warsaw is a special city that lives with the development of technology, it is easiest to meet people who work on it on a daily basis. Warsaw is also close to other European capitals and has excellent connections with them, which facilitates the creative exchange of ideas. The largest technology companies also have their headquarters here. For us, it is very important that many people who came from Ukraine over a year ago found a home here. We sincerely care about building and supporting this community,” said Drzewiecki, quoted in the release.

The company started its operations in Poland in 2014. The Warsaw team employs over 200 people with various specializations, but the dominant technology for this location is Big Data.

SoftServe is an international technology company, founded in 1993 in Lviv. It implements various projects in areas such as Big Data, DevOps & Cloud, IoT, ML, AI and others.


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