Smog: two-meter, “breathing lungs” will appear in 40 Polish cities

During the heating season, two-meter mock-ups of lungs will appear in 40 cities in Poland. The action of the Polish Smog Alert (PAS) is to show local communities what air they breathe.

As the representatives of the Polish Smog Alert (PAS) announced, the launch of the campaign coincides with the Clean Air Day, which has been celebrated by smog alerts all over Poland for several years. Its aim is to raise awareness of air pollution and encourage the replacement of old boilers and stoves.

This heating season, installations will go to 40 towns in nine provinces, showing local communities what kind of air they breathe. First, lung mock-ups will go to Czernichów, Bolesławiec, Goczałkowice-Zdrój, Wejherowo and Dębica.

The two-meter model of human lungs “breathes” with the help of fans placed on the back, absorbing air pollutants that settle on the white matter covering the installation. After two weeks, white matter becomes dusty and turns graphite or even black.

Magdalena Kozłowska, the project coordinator, indicated that this year, a record number of towns were on the route of the installation.

“We can see that this campaign is paying off. As residents watch their lungs turn black every day, they begin to understand that air quality matters, and that the pollutants we breathe have a negative impact on our health, she assessed.”


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