Smartlink Partners invested in Vumo, which creates AI-enabled vehicle analytics products

Smartlink Partners, a fund co-founded by Polish entrepreneurs, has invested in Vumo, a company developing AI-powered vehicle analysis products, the fund reported.

“Vumo is revolutionizing vehicle imaging and inspection processes using robots powered by AI technology. Vumo’s customers include dealership chains, car rental companies and insurance companies. Vumo operates across the United States, Canada and the UK. The company doubled its MRR in 2023 and continues to grow rapidly.” – Smartlink Partners’ Linkedin reads.

Smartlink Partners entered Vumo through the SAFE facility, which will be converted to shares in the A round planned for 2024, it also stated.

“We invested because Vumo has developed great AI-based products for scanning and evaluating used cars inside and out, which are needed and really used by the market (mainly car dealers, but not only), and secondly, they are growing really fast in the huge markets in the US and UK (but also in the EU and Japan).” – Smartlink Partners managing partner and JR Holding ASI CFO Bartlomiej Kurylak reported on his Linkedin.

Smartlink Partners ASI was formally registered in May 2023, supports companies selected by the management team from the broader digital business (including SaaS, AI software, marketplace, among others), renewable energy and deeptech (including spacetech and greentech), in the development phase from seed through growth to A round with amounts up to €2 million.


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