Shoper e-commerce so looking to grow via acquisitions

Shoper is talking to more than a dozen entities on the market regarding possible acquisitions and may do deals outside Poland, said President Marcin Kuśmierz. The company emphasizes that it is too early to provide details.

“We are in a dozen or so talks with various entities in the three segments we mentioned earlier, that is: our direct competition, companies that produce the appropriate technology or product that is attractive to us. The talks are at different stages and it is too early to say when they will end and with what effect, ”Kuśmierz said during the videoconference.

The CEO added that the company is not limited geographically as far as possible acquisitions are concerned.

Earlier, Shoper informed that Shoplo’s revenues in 2020 reached approximately PLN 6.7 million, and in the first half of 2021 it amounted to approximately PLN 4 million. In 2020, Shoper recorded revenues of PLN 47 million.

Kuśmierz estimated that the company managed to take over Shoplo at a very attractive price, and its cost will pay off in record time.

Shoper is the owner of the most popular platform in Poland under the same name (Shoper) for the e-commerce market, sold in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). The company made its debut on the WSE main market in July 2021.


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