SES Hydrogen Energy conducted functional tests of a 0.5 MW hydrogen-oxygen boiler

SES Hydrogen Energy, belonging to the Sescom capital group, has carried out functional tests of a prototype of a 0.5 MW hydrogen-oxygen boiler in conditions imitating operation on a real installation, the company announced. This is another step on the way to certification and commercial implementation of the device at the turn of 2024/2025.


“Functional tests confirmed the correctness and operational safety of the proposed solution. Our team’s many months of effort made it possible to carry out tests in controlled conditions, imitating the actual operating conditions of the installation. (…),” said Monika Kałdonek, Senior Project Manager at SES Hydrogen Energy, quoted in the release.

The hydrogen-oxygen boiler under development is the first in Europe and one of the pioneers on a global scale heating device dedicated to industrial applications, system heating and residential heating nodes, which will be based on controlled combustion of hydrogen with pure oxygen in a specially designed combustion chamber. The structure designed in this way will ensure not only the elimination of carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the lack of use of hydrocarbon fuels, but also NOx, SOx, dust and exhaust gases, while achieving high efficiency of the device.

“We receive many inquiries from the market, both from companies in Poland and abroad, which are already keenly interested in the emission-free hydrogen boiler technology and heating with the use of hydrogen. So we can see that the pressure to find alternative solutions in the heating sector is high and will continue to grow along with the strengthened regulations. (…),” added Mateusz Sołtysiak, President of SES Hydrogen Energy.

SES Hydrogen Energy is a Polish technology company belonging to the Sescom capital group. As part of it, it focuses on developing proprietary technologies of electrolyzers and a hydrogen boiler, which are a response to the current needs of the economy in Poland and Europe.

The Sescom capital group specializes in the management and provision of facility management services for network clients (HVAC equipment service, IT infrastructure service and refrigeration, electrical and construction services). The company moved its listing to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2018.


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