Selvita wants to increase its exposure to big pharma companies, counting on the effects already in 2023

Selvita wants to increase the share of companies from the big pharma group in its backlog and counts on higher revenues from such partners already this year, board members informed. The company also wants to significantly increase sales activity in key markets by significantly increasing employment.

“51% of our clients are biotechnology companies and 36% are pharmaceutical companies, of which only 10% are big pharma. And this is the ratio we would like to work hard on in 2023,” said Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Miłosz Gruca during a press conference.


CEO Bogusław Sieczkowski added that the current overweight of the company on biotech “is a bit disturbing to us now, [that’s why] we are working to make big pharma appreciate us.”

“Such cooperations are built over many quarters, these offers have already taken place and are taking place all the time, and we expect specific higher revenues and increases in this segment in the mix of our clients, as far as this year and, above all, the following years are concerned,” he emphasised.


Selvita is one of the largest preclinical CROs (Contract Research Organization) in Europe. Selvita shares (formerly Selvita CRO S.A.) debuted in 2019 on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Earlier, the registry court approved the division of Selvita. The court’s decision meant for Selvita S.A. formal finalization of the procedure related to the division of the company into two independent entities – Selvita S.A. (formerly Selvita CRO S.A.) and Ryvu Therapeutics S.A. (formerly Selvita S.A.).


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